YG Entertainment revealed to have invested 500 million KRW for the production of TREASURE’s ‘Jikjin’ Music Video

According to media reports on February 11th, YG Entertainment has invested over 500 million KRW (approximately $420,000 USD) for the making of Treasure’s “Jikjin” comeback MV. In general, companies in the entertainment industry invest this amount in top performers like BLACKPINK and RED, but not so much on new artists growing.

Additionally the Treasure’s “Jikjin” MV was produced by director Lee Sang-Yoon who was the director for the MAMA award at Mnet. According to one official from YG Entertainment:

YGE intends to continually improve the agency’s production capabilities to improve the range of content produced to our musicians. To shoot the MV ‘Jikjin’ by TREASURE, the agency used a number of luxurious vehicles to reflect the lyrics of the track that evoke the desire to race ahead with full speed in pursuit of the goals one has set for themselves.


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