Why is BTS’s V referred to be as “Park Collector”?

Since the debut of BTS in 2013 Kim Tae Hyung, the 26-year-old singer who goes by the nickname on stage “V,” has held the entire world in his hand. Through time, the star has earned a variety of nicknames due to his charismatic character and growing talents. Some of the most frequently discussed are CGV Tae Tae Bear Baritone King, and Idol of Idols. Although the names are pretty obvious One that those who are K-pop fans might not be as acquainted with could be “Park Collector.”

Why BTS’s V is referred to as”the “Park Collector?”

The truth is that V often gets referred to the “social butterfly” in BTS. His easy-going, kind and welcoming personality is frequently discussed alongside his numerous famous friends. Among them, his surname “Park” is brightly visible in large numbers, resulting in the nickname “Park Collector.”

The fans may not know about V’s relationship with certain of his fellow friends bearing names beginning with the “Park” surname, such as Park Ji Soo (NiVe), Park Jae Sang (Psy), Park Ji Hoon (Former Wanna One member) as well as Park Hyo Shin, there are some whose close-knit relationship with V is adored by all over the globe.

1. Park Jimin (BTS)

V was introduced to Jimin in his time as a trainee and since then has built the kind of friendship that can be called the symbol of “platonic soulmates.” The couple is often seen embracing each other thick and thin, as they take on the world in hand.

2. Park Seo Joon (Actor)

V was first introduced to Park Seo Joon in 2016 after he appeared with the actor in his first drama show “Hwarang.” Since then they’ve become the most amiable of friends and have been a great support to each one another in their respective careers and spending their time enjoying fun trips. According to Seo Joon’s requests, V even participated in the soundtrack for the drama series he’s starring in The two BFFs are participant in “Wooga,” one of the most famous A-list celebrity teams.

3. Park Hyung Sik (Actor)

Like Park Seo Joon, V met Park Hyung Sik during the filming of his first drama series. The two have since kept in touch and frequently share their support and love to one another through their social media accounts. Park Hyung Sik is part of V’s cult “Wooga Squad.”

4. Park Bo Gum (Actor)

V is believed to have known Park Bo Gum during the time when he hosted the KBS Music Bank. Their close relationship is evident whenever they are appearing together on the screen or together on vacations.

As V appears to be expanding his circle of friends, fans are eager to learn which popular “Park” from the industry V could be a good friend with next.

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