VIVIZ’s Eunha test positive for COVID 19 in front of debut

VIVIZ as well as ex GFriend member Eunha’s tests resulted with positive.

Based on a statement released by VIVIZ’s company, BPM Entertainment, Eunha has earlier came into exposure with a staff member that was tested positive. While she tested negative at first, she’d symptoms that are mild and also tested positive as of January twenty nine.

The complete statement reads as below:

“Hello. This’s BPM Entertainment.

This’s a information post about VIVIZ member Eunha that was confirmed to have rested good on a COVID 19 PCR test on January 29.

Previously, Eunha hast shot a PCR test after coming into exposure with a staff that has tested positive for COVID 19. While she’s tested negative for that check, she wasn’t in an excellent condition after getting that check along with the re test, she received the notification that she’s currently positive.

Eunha currently has symptoms that are mild and has been quarantined with therapy, and is taking measures that are necessary based on the standards on the quarantine authorities.

We apologize for causing concern, and also we are going to do our best to help the artists of ours so they are able to recover fast, and we’ll hopefully complete all quarantine standards of the authorities.

Thank you.”

Meanwhile, VIVIZ is releasing teasers gearing in place for their debut mini album ‘Beam Of Prism’ and that is set to be released on February 9 KST.

Wishing Eunha a speedy recovery.

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