VIVIZ give their advice on what they got from GFriend friends as they prepared for their return

In the 9th of February in the afternoon The members of the brand-new K-Pop trio VIVIZ participated in a live press conference in advance of the launch of the debut album “Beam of Prism.”

Today, VIVIZ discussed their re-debut after the breakup of GFriend and their debut track “BOP BOP!” as well as many other topics. Then, on their first title track “BOP BOP! “, VIVIZ explained:

“We knew it would be selected for the album’s title track the moment we saw it. The title track changed many times during the process of preparing the album. This was our debut album together as three of us and we were extremely careful. Then we heard the words ‘BOP BOP!’ and we knew it was the right one.”

Then, VIVIZ shared what it was like filming their MV of their title track first time as three members. Umji said:

“This was our first experience making a MV using only three members after having promoted in the group of 6 for so long. I noticed that during the filming, I had not any time for sleep. Usually, when others are filming their own shots, they have a amount of time to catch some rest. If there’s a person doing the individual shots, I need to get ready to shoot the following shot. It was a busy shooting scene.”

In the end, VIVIZ were asked if they had received any encouragement or suggestions from their GFriend friends. GFriend participants, Sowon, Yerin, and Yuju. The girls shared:

“The one thing I was the most grateful for after listening to from the people in the unnies was that they were not worried about us because they knew we’d succeed. We felt confident following their words. Naturally we were greeted with cheers but it was more of, obviously the girls will be amazing.”

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