V turns out to be the very first male Kpop idol to get the Melon Popularity Award for a period of two weeks following Melon’s chart reorganization in 2020

The biggest streaming base inside South Korea, Melon has revised its chart for 2020 to try to bring down fandom’s impact and also mirror the preferences of the masses. The top 100 Real Time chart was additionally revised and now computes the amount of unique listeners throughout the past twenty four hours.

In spite of no campaigns from HYBE, because of V‘s incredible skills and reputation ‘Christmas Tree’ has continued to be consistent on streaming platforms, the OST with the drama series ‘Our Beloved Summer’ was nominated several times and also located 1st.

Kim Taehyung is currently the very first male K-pop idol to gain the Melon “Weekly Popularity Award Top 20” for 2 days at a time, following Melon’s 2020 chart reformation.

Although BTS has received as a group numerous times, V gets the first part to gain as a solo and all just before an authorized solo debut! Kim Taehyung, well done!

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