TWICE’s Jungyeon looks gorgeous in a new blue hair color

The internet is abuzz with excitement over Jungyeon‘s new color.

Before, Jungyeon shared an image of herself in the hair salon on her official Instagram account. The caption reads:

“Guess what my hair’s color will turn out to be!”

She also shared an unprofessional photo of herself with her new hair color in an automobile at night, requesting fans to guess which color her hair color is. This heightened the excitement of fans however they didn’t have to wait for an extended duration.

On the following day, the color of Jungyeon’s hair has been revealed by Tzuyu’s and Nayeon’s uploaded photos of her on the platform of fan-artist communication called Bubble. After dyeing her hair blonde for quite a while Jungyeon finally came out with a fresh, vivid hair color.

Additionally, Jungyeon was trending across the globe on Twitter because fans are adoring her gorgeous style with stunning new blue-colored hairstyle.

In addition, JYP Entertainment released an official statement about Jungyeon’s activities. It reads:

“Jungyeon is recuperating her health.”

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