TWICE Nayeon is believed to be making a solo debut

Rumors are rapidly spreading across different online forums about TWICE‘s Nayeon is preparing to make her solo debut.

This week, people saw the following item that was registered on a site the companies can register their products to get an GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).

The album was simply named “NA / 1st Mini Album” It was officially it was registered through JYP Entertainment on March 23. The album is scheduled to be released through DREAMUS Company.

Based on the information provided above Why are people suggesting that Nayeon is making her debut as a solo artist?

Similar items that are registered on the website, and which have already started distribution and sales and are displayed in the same layout.

Below is a track called “ON / 2nd Mini Album” that was officially recorded through SM Entertainment on March 29 and distributed via DREAMUS Company. As you may have guessed the SHINee’s Onew is scheduled to return solo with his second mini album “DICE” April 11.


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