The topic of aespa is hot in the discussion of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Love of Aespa

The topic of girls’ generation Taeyeon‘s love for aespa is a hot topic among netizens.

A post about Taeyeon on Nate’s community forum Pann rose quickly to the top of this list on February 2. The post said, “The member who loves hoobae groups more than fan girls.” It’s Taeyeon. Taeyeon has been actively promoting aespa ever since they were founded. They didn’t have the best press at the time, but she is doing more of it these days.

The poster mentioned Taeyeon talking about aespa during their birthdays, checking out aespa fan pages and supporting their new tracks.

Other news: Taeyeon will make a solo return with ‘INVU’ on February 14, KST.

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