The reason this K-Pop star does not gain weight after eating 15 servings of ice cream per day

Oh My Girl‘s Mimi Attracted attention because of her fitness level even after eating 15 servings of ice-cream per day!

In February, a user posted a message on a community forum online with the title. “The reason this female celebrity can consume 15 ice creams in a day but not put on weight”.

The user pointed out that:

“The reason that “Oh My Girl”‘s Mimi isn’t overweight despite eating 15 servings of ice cream every day (she has claimed it herself). In truth, it’s not because she doesn’t gain weight. She’s the type of person to gain weight, and she is even more determined.”

1. At 6PM, as the sun goes down she will do her best to avoid eating anything.

A string of BUBBLE messages that she wrote to her fans:

“When I workout I exercise, and I don’t eat anything after 6PM. I’m done. When I return from work at 6PM, how can I get through the night because of hungry? Get up early and have the most nutritious breakfast. Also, eat healthy lunch.”

2. Boxing

3. Pilates

4. Home Training (Fans claim she is doing this nearly every day)

5. She frequently practices dance and choreography.

6. Gymnastics

“She says she gets pleasure when she exercises until the point that it aids in reducing her anxiety. Therefore, she encourages her friends to exercise as well (she’s not telling them to stop, LOL).

I’m so impressed by Mimi’s stamina…She is a foodie and loves exercising, which means her happiness levels must be at their highest.”

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