The Prequel trend in social media for cartoons shows why BTS’s character V is an actual anime character

Social media is obsessed with its trends. One adorable one is taking place on Twitter where cartoon-like versions of people are produced by using Prequel an editor for aesthetics. application.

The trend is spreading among K-pop fans and various modifications are shared among the fans of their idols. In no way are they left out the ARMYs are also part of the trend.

While animated versions of Kim Taehyung‘s photos are being produced the fans have noticed that this animated rendition of V appears identical to the real-life counterpart, proving that V is an actual anime character.

This isn’t the first time that Taehyung’s gorgeous visuals are compared to artwork. The past has seen numerous parallels have been drawn of him as the living version of cartoon characters as well as Disney princes.

Taehyung’s natural face, symmetrical features and striking features translate perfectly into art. He has been the muse for a variety of artists in the last few years. Not surprisingly, he’s also the top person in the category of the “Most Beautiful Man” phrase on Google for the past 10 years.

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