The Pentagon’s Yeo One involved in minor car accident and has to stop activities temporarily

Pentagon’ Yeo One has been involved in a minor accident. As a result, he will be unable to work for a short time in order to concentrate on the treatment of his injury.

10 February Cube Entertainment revealed in an official announcement,

“Hello This is Cube Entertainment.

We’d like to inform you the public that Pentagon player Yeo One has decided to stop his activities for a short period due to an injury to his back.

On the day of the 9th February, the car that Yeo One was in on his way to home after having completed an personal schedule was struck by a drunk driver.

Following the incident, Yeo One visited the emergency room, and doctors did not find any major injuries. Though he was supposed to have returned to his home following his hospitalization to relax, Yeo One showed his determined determination to continue his routine, and so took part in a live recording of “IDOL Live: Homecoming Day’ on the 9th of February in the afternoon.

On the way back home, following this plan, Yeo One experienced pain in his back. He returned to the hospital. The doctor treated him as per the prescribed treatment and is currently recuperating.

In the end, Cube Entertainment has determined that to prioritize health and quick recovery of our artist, Yeo One will halt his work in Pentagon for the moment as he concentrates upon his medical treatment.

Furthermore, Pentagon will promote as an organization of seven members as long as Yeo One recovers.

Thank you for your support.”

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