The members of KARA meet to disclose their affection for each other

Members of KARA reconnected to interact with each other.

Jiyoung published a photo on her Instagram account on 30 Jan. With this photo, KARA members had been getting to remember Jiyoung’s birthday celebration.

Supporters and Internet users have been pleased to watch KARA’s members come together and hang out with each other. As a matter of reality, members of KARA are found to talk about fond friendship once they come together to remember every now and then.

The 4 members met last season to mark their 14th anniversary after their debut.

KARA started as a four member band in 2007. As soon as Member Kim Sung Hee quit the team though, Members Jiyoung and Hara had been incorporated to end up a five-member team. The team recieved much love subsequently through hit songs including “Honey” “Mister” “Lupin” and more.

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