The flight attendants discussed the attitudes that Red Velvet’s Irene, Joy, and Yeri

On the 26th of March, several Drama channels of YouTube posted a photo of an anonymous community for employees called ‘Blind’. To join “Blind,” users need to confirm the account using the email they use for work.

In the image the employee of Korean Air wrote:

“Red Velvet was once onboard as well. Yeri, Joy, and Irene were extremely rude. They behaved as if they were their employees. The two others were pleasant. However, Idk the reason why idols in general, think that they are something.”

Another employee of Jeju Air Service replied:

“To add to the original Comment, Irene, don’t throw your IDs in the trash or steal your tickets from the staff. Also, make sure you go to the counter to check-in. I’ve heard that you’ve done it on other airlines too.”

He explained his remarks by with the following statement:

“She requested that someone else verify her, therefore I’m saying she should come to the office for verification problems.”

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