The fans aren’t quite sure what they feel about the Boyz Jooyeon’s snowmen

On February 1st The Boyz member Jooyeon updated followers on how he had been having a great time during his snowy Lunar New Year holiday!

In reality the idol was out into the snow to create some truly distinctive snowmen. He did not specify the fact that he built the three, and if any other who created them alongside the idol, causing people to engage in the game of guessing determine which of them was like Jooyeon’s style or character more.

Another thing that fans observed after watching Jooyeon’s latest changes was the distinctive design of the snowmen.

Some of the fans said that they didn‘t know what to do, since they believed that the snowmen looked somewhat “ugly “…

Fans said,

“It’s all about effort.”

“The second one resembles something you’d be seeing in a dream.”

“They’re not cutebut they’re hilarious“kekekekekeke.”

“Wait is that the next one come with teeth?”

“WTF kekekekeke.”

“Knowing Jooyeon, he may have had a lot of effort to create these and then posted them on SNS to show them off to the Bs Kekekekeke.”

“He attempts to be funny with a purpose”, isn’t it? ..?”

“You will definitely be able to state that these are truly unique snowmen.”

“Maybe these are snow machines.”

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