The fans are impressed with Exo Lay’s professionalism, especially after his mic was blown during his performance

n February 2nd, Exo member Lay performed his hit song “Flying Apsaras” at CNSA Annual Gala “China Dream, My Dream’ in celebration of Chinese new year.

Following the festival’s airing, and the fancams released, fans found that during the middle of the show due to Lay’s strong movements the microphone fell out but he was able to grab the mic and placed it in his back with no impact upon the performances.

Lay is the principal dancer of EXO together with Kai. Kai is regarded as an elite dancer. He took part in the well-known television show “Street dance of China” seasons 3 and 4, as an officer. He showcased his dancing skills to professional dancers around the world while promoting his signature form of dance “Krump.”


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