The EPEX’s Keum Dong Hyun & MU Rocket Punch’s Sohee and Billlie’s Sheon and many more graduate high school!

In the early morning of February 11, 2022, the 2022 students participated in the graduation ceremony held at Hanlim Arts High School in Seoul!

It is a well-known alma mater of talented K-Pop stars across time, Hanlim Arts High School also said goodbye to a different group of K-Pop stars who are rising this year, in 2022. The students who attended the graduation ceremony and met the media at the their front yards today included EPEX‘s Keum Dong Hyun and MU Rocket Punch‘s Sohee as well as Billie‘s Sheon Ciipher‘s Won Saturday‘s Minseo and MIRAE‘s Son Dong Pyo!

There are K-Pop idols who belong to the class of 2022 graduating in Hanlim Arts High School who didn’t appear in the media this morning (as and those who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony because of private reasons) include ITZY‘s Yuna and VERIVERY‘s Kangmin and ENHYPEN‘s Jay and Sunoo Trainee A’s Sangwon and many more.





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