The designer of the luxury rings, shares her experiences in creating HyunA and Dawn’s custom-designed engagement rings

On February 5th Designer behind premium jewelry brand “Diligems” went in depth on how they came up with HyunA and Dawn’s engagement rings.

The designer wrote,

“I had the privilege of creating a unique pair of rings for one of the most romantic couple.

I’d like to emphasize that they were made specifically exclusively for the couple and cannot be replicated.

The rings are made from white gold, with opals as their principal stones. They also have 7 diamonds with different shapes and hues.

Dawn visited my workshop to talk about the idea for nearly one month. He even picked the diamonds and opals herself.

There were also technical issues which delayed the process, and we were forced to experiment with new methods to fix the issue.

Much love, energy and time was put into the rings, and it’s just a little painful to watch people jump at the tangents of the rings without any form of proactive investigation and due diligence.

To be honest I’ll admit that the price of their rings was the equivalent of the cost of my annual rent.”

In an update Instagram story The designer specifically stated the fact that HyunA the Dawn‘s rings were made to order, and will be unique, and no duplicates will be produced.


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