The decision regarding BTS’s military exemption is expected to be announced by the close of the month

On April 12, Rep. Seong Il Jong Secretary of People’s Power’s National Defense Committee, said about BTS‘s exemption from military:

There was a debate between secretaries from both parties about reviewing the documents quickly.

He said his belief that the decision regarding the issue will be taken at the National Assembly session in April.

Rep. Seong said on MBC radio that day:

“Concerning whether there’s a specific situation for BTS military service The Democratic Party of Korea is acting more actively.”

He also added:

“The government is determined to address the issue in the shortest time possible.”

Concerning the possibility of a possible decision to be taken in the National Assembly in April.

He stated that there’s a issue with the system how there is a flaw in that the Grammy Awards are not included in the 42 contests which are currently considered for the achievements that permit individuals to get specific military service exemptions.

In response to opinions of the public that are negative about certain, Rep. Seong said:

“The most important aspect is the amount of the contribution of the nation.”

At present, a bill to modify legislation to amend the Military Service Act is pending in the National Assembly to allow popular artists with impressive accomplishments transfer to arts and sports personnel.

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