The birthday celebration of IVE’s V Live streams draw attention due to their style

The birthday celebration of IVE‘s V Live streams attracted attention due to their design.

On February 4 the Live’s Wonyoung, Yujin, and Rei’s birthday V Live streams attracted attention due to their striking design. On February 3, IVE member Rei hosted the special V Live stream to celebrate her birthday. Following the live stream, her beautifully decorated backgrounds and aesthetics were noticed, as did previous scheduled birthday streams hosted from Starship Entertainment.

The birthday of Wonyoung was on August 31, while Yuijn’s birthday date was September 1st.

Each person was shown various themes for birthdays and designs or even a custom design to match the preferences of the person.

Many people praised Starship Entertainment for detailed decorations However there was not a lot of attention favorable as IVE’s label-mate MONSTA The X’s fans voiced their displeasure with the label.


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