T-ara’s Jiyeon announces her wedding with professional athlete Hwang Jae Gyun

T-ara‘s Jiyeon recently announced her wedding with professional player Hwang Jae Gyun.

In February 2010, Jiyeon posted the letter below, handwritten by Jiyeon along with several pictures of the couple with fans. She wrote :

“Hello, it’s Jiyeon. I had a story that I wanted to share with my fans directly, which is why I took the initiative to share this. I made my debut when I was in my teens. Now, it’s been a while since I’m at the end of my 30s. When I first made my debut, I was young , and terrified of everything, once I retreated from anxiety during my teens and into the 20s when it was my intention to give up during an incredibly difficult moment I would always reach out and held me in a quiet way.

Thank you for encouraging me to go over the length of the tunnel. You may be right exactly where I am now.

To the people who trust my cause and have a strong support for me, I would like to speak to them first and first, not to rely on the opinions or words of others. I have a friend whom I came across in the past season through an acquaintance, and received a warm welcome.

I have promised to marry this winter. I have the man who’s as a gift to me, who always looked after me, loved me, and taught me what happiness is. I’ll lead a lovely and joyful life with a faithful partner who was there for me in times of instability and offered me the support I needed.

I’m concerned that you might have been shocked by the sudden announcement. It will be a day when I’ll share this joy with you as well, which is why I’m extremely nervous and anxious when I write every letter. I’ll keep repaying you with a positive image in the coming years thanks for the love and support that fans show.

Thank you for your kindness, and I love you.”

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