#SuperTuna by Jin is featured on the popular television show ‘You Quiz On the Block’

You Quiz on the Block” is a well-known Korean TV show that is that is hosted by Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Seho. Every week , they host guests to discuss their lives and take questions.

The viral phenomenon “Super Tuna” created by BTS‘s Jin was featured in “You Quiz on the Block” in two episodes. This week, it was used in the background while the cast of the show was fishing.

This week’s episode featured an extra guest, the tuna deep-sea fishing vessel deck navigator.

The hosts inquired about their team’s participation in the fad “Super Tuna” dance challenge:

“Also, on the foreign crew’s way to korea this time i said lets try dancing BTS Jin-nims ‘Super Tuna’ together.”

He said that they utilized a couple of real tunas for props!

“Super Tuna” really took over Korea since it garnered lots of interest from people of all ages, and from a variety of sectors. from the world of entertainment to the government the tuna industry, as well as the sea crews.

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