Super Junior’s Leeteuk announced he got shingles

Leeteuk stated he was taking a rest because of rashes as well as skin rash.

Super Junior published a pic of his arm on Jan 29 together with the caption: “I’m getting shingles again.” In the photo exposed, I’ ll take a rest with no doing anything. “His arm is identified as having dry skin.

He earlier informed me he got shingles shortly following vaccination in November 2021.

“Has anybody came up with Shingles lately?” he wrote. Although you may be much more familiar with this illness among the elderly, it is additionally getting more prevalent of all the young group. I additionally got shingles. I am still recovering from it. A primary reason for this might be due to the vaccines which were given by Pfizer. There’s a abrupt breakdown of the body’s immune system which brings about the rise in shingles cases, therefore you have to give more attention for your overall health. If you feeling ill, you ought to head to the medical center. I was aware it was one more outbreak of shingles, however there’re over five individuals who’ve just recently been identified as having it. What would you know?

Keep healthier, # shingles # vaccine # pfizer”

Leeteuk is now hosting ‘I Can see Your Voice‘ on Mnet.

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