Streamer Jammi decides to end her life following a string of snarky comments

Streamer Jammi has ended her life after suffering the wrath of malicious remarks.

On February 5, Jammi’s uncle was notified by the community of streamers aged 27 about her death. Her uncle said that Jammi was suffering depression that was severe due to many threatening comments and reports. He wrote:

“I hope that you don’t disrespect the dead. It’s hard for the family members and friends who have lost a loved one. The note she left was suicide and, through the articles, I was able to see how difficult Jammi was going through in her life and also how victimized. Do not make up reports any more.”

Jammi was previously in a debate over an apparently feminine gesture made. She also revealed to her viewers her mother had committed suicide. own life due to the sexist remarks, and it was reported that her depression became severe after the death of her mother.

In the event that you, or someone who you know is at risk of suicide or self-harm get help as quickly as you can by calling agencies that specialize in suicide prevention and crisis intervention across the United States and abroad.


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