Star MY Q and TV host Kim Na Young give an update on their sweet relationship

Recently, musician MY Q as well as TV host Kim Na Young updated fans and expressed their undying affection for one another through social media.

On February 1st, MY Q uploaded a set of images via his Instagram and captioned “I emo,” and the last image of the collection received much attention. In the final photo, MY Q is seen sitting at a table , with an individual who is enthralled with him.

The fans were quick to see that the person who was linking his arms was Kim Na Young, who was recently open about her relationship with the musician in the past year.

Fans quickly came to figure out who the person in the arms with MYQ was due to the fact that Kim Na Young also had posted photos the same day with words “Hello sunshine.” In the pictures, Kim Na Young was photographed wearing her same jacket made of leather as well as green sweater, as well as the silver ring that was on the index finger of her. Thus, their followers could see who was MY Q in the photo. People commented, “It’s nice to see you together,” “Kim Na Young’s hand showing in the photo makes my heart flutter,” “That’s Kim Na Young’s ring I saw on her Instagram, you two are so cute,” and “I love seeing you two together.”

In the meantime, since the public disclosure of her love affair and relationship with MY Q, Kim Na Young has been keeping up with her fans on YouTube and has often referenced MY Q on her YouTube videos. In addition, MY Q and Kim Na Young have continued to show their love to one another through social media by posting photos of them wearing similar outfits and pose in similar poses. Following the announcement of their marriage the couple has received lots of love and support from their fans as they expand their relationship even more.

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