Spice is the Grammy-nominated ‘Queen of Dancehall’ uploads an editing of BTS’s V to her famous TikTok track ‘Go Down Deh’

Spice the Grammy-nominated ‘Queen of Dancehall’. Kim Taehyung has style and attitude.

Grammy-nominated Jamaican musician and singer Spice who is also known as the ‘Queen Of Dancehall’ has uploaded an edit of the Taehyung song to her track “Go Down Deh.” The video was uploaded to her Instagram Story as well as her Youtube channel.

“Go down Deh” is the name of a Jamaican dancehall track that has been a hit on TikTok for months. .,,’ uploading an editing of BTS’s V to accompany her viral TikTok song “Go Down Deh’

The video is from V’s fancam from his arrival on December 29 at Incheon airport following BTS’s recent “Permission to Dance’ concert in Los Angeles.

Taehyung’s charisma and confidence, despite his simple attire has seen the fancam become a favorite in a variety of fan-made edits.

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