Soyu & Huh Gak to unveil new tracks in association with NCSOFT’s ‘Imagination Project’

Soyu and Huh Gak and Huh Gak will be releasing the track “New” together with the NCTSOFT‘s “Imagination project.”

On February 3 NC‘s cultural content brand FEVER announced the news that Soyu as well as Huh Gak will be participating in their project “Imagination”. They will be working together on the project’s second single “Fine”, which contains lyrics that depict the changes you will see every day following COVID-19. Many anticipate the cooperation of Soyu as well as Huh Gak, who are both known as “collaboration experts”.

NCSOFT earlier released their first collaborative song “Ohayo My Night”, featuring D-Hack and Weeekly’s Soojin.

In the meantime, Soyu and Huh Gak’s “Fine” will be released on various music channels on the 10th of February, KST.

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