Some of fans overflow T.O.P’s Instagram with hate messages

T.O.P recently posted a post on his Instagram in celebration of his long-time buddies 2NE1 after they got together and performed together in support of Coachella in the very first time for quite a while. It’s not unusual to T.O.P to talk about 2NE1 because they’ve been close friends in the music industry prior to their respective debuts in 2006 and 2009.

T.O.P posted a tweet from a well-known Twitter account for pop news about music. He, as usual, blurred YG Entertainment artist name “BLACKPINK This isn’t surprising for T.O.P’s followers, since the artist has been absconding from publishing any news or blog posts on YG Entertainment or their artists for several years. YG Entertainment artists likewise have been avoiding posting anything about T.O.P and, in particular, BLACKPINK since they haven’t published anything on BIGBANG‘s latest return, which is unlike other YGE workers and artists.

The blurring did not go over well with some worldwide BLACKPINK supporters “Blinks” as they flooded T.O.P’s IG with hate comments and his most recent post garnered more than 10K responses in just only a couple of hours with the majority of them were hateful comments aimed at T.O.P., and BIGBANG members. They didn’t stop there , as they continued to highlight the fact that BLACKPINK was not featured in BIGBANG’s newest video on Winner, iKON along with Treasure reaction to BIGBANG’s most recent song , ‘Still Love which is despite the fact that numerous other YG artists weren’t featured in the video, nor had those who are disrespectful to the internet have been calling for and threatening YGE to not use the BLACKPINK names in any other YGE groups.

Last time T.O.P posted about BLACKPINK the group, he also was received a flood of hateful messages from people who demanded that not to post about their favorite band. It seems that they aren’t happy in any way.

A few fans attempted to diffuse the situation by saying that they didn’t see anything issues with the tweet, because T.O.P was sharing a message regarding his close family members via a well-known Twitter account.

The result was that T.O.P removed his account.


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