Singer Tophyun is accused of manipulating charts for his latest hit song ‘Horang Suwolga’

The song was first released on the 15th of January Tophyun‘s newest song “Horang Suwolga” quietly appeared at the top of the most popular South Korean music charts Genie and Melon which ranked fourth and fifth , respectively.

Users of these platforms are aware of the look and feel of the song that is not familiar and can’t help but be skeptical of the way “Horang Suwolga” was able to outdo prominent performers with new and popular songs like BE’O, Got The Beat, IVE, aespa and many more in this short time.

As a result, internet users have posted comments to express their concerns:

“Who could this be?”

“What is going on?”

“Would you consider this ranking makes sense?”

“Seems like it’s very easy to plot.”

“So, who’s Tophyun?”

“Do you know if this is the case with sajaegi (chart manipulative)?”

Tophyun who previously worked as a YouTube made his debut in June this year. “Horang Suwolga” was released as a part of the original soundtrack for the web-based novel “Tiger My Love,” in the form of “Horang Pungryuga.” The song became quite well-liked by those in the YouTube community, and had multiple famous cover artists performing the track last year.

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