Singer Navi will make a comeback by remaking Melomance’s “Gift”

Singer Navi posted a teaser image for her new song “Gift

Navi’s agent R&D Company released a teaser image on their social media account following the announcement that the singer would remake the track “Gift” originally by Melomance.

In the teaser image, Navi is seen wearing the simplest white t-shirt, staring directly at the camera, with the most relaxed and happy expression. The design and font that is shown in the teaser gave an elegant and comfortable look that is in line with Navi’s appearance.

Navi will interpret the original Melomance song , which has been popular with many thanks to her unique style that will give fans the warm music that melts the winter blues away. The track will be rearranged using gospel sound and the strong vocals of Navi.

Navi was first introduced in 2008 with the hit song “I Love U” and gained a lot of recognition for her regular release of new songs that captured fans and fans and her fans.

Navi’s new track can be streamed on the 7th of February on several music streaming websites around 6 pm. In the meantime, Navi announced her marriage in the year 2019 and welcomed an infant in 2021. Navi will officially begin her career again in 2021 with the upcoming remake of her track.

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