Sian of T1419 completely recovers from Covid

T1419‘s Sian is fully healed from COVID-19.

MLD Entertainment issued an official statement on February 8, at 8:05 KST, announcing that Sian, a T1419 member, had recovered from COVID-19.

Below is MLD Entertainment’s official statement


This is MLD Entertainment.

Sian, a T1419 member, was notified of his recovery from COVID-19 by KST on February 8, and was released from quarantine.

All eight T1419 members also received negative results from the PCR test on February 3, KST. They took all measures required by the heath authorities.

We are grateful to all those who were concerned about [T1419] and will do our best to make sure that our artists’ safety and health by following the quarantine guidelines of the health authorities.

We are grateful.”

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