SF9 Inseong will begin his compulsory military service in the next month

It appears that Inseong from SF9 will be the first person in his group to commence his military duty.

On 5 February FNC Entertainment stated via SF9’s official fan cafe:

“Inseong will start his military basic training at the new recruits’ training center on the 21st of March After that, he will perform the remainder of his duties that are required as an army member in the military band. To avoid from spreading the COVID-19 virus as well as other disruptive conditions it is not planned to hold a separate ceremony on the day that Inseong is enlisted.”

The precise date and time of Inseong’s recruitment will remain private.

FNC Entertainment also added on:

“Concerning the SF9’s Youngbin The agency will contact you with regards to the mandatory enlistment schedule in the event that the precise date is established.”

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