Seventeen’s Wonwoo tests showed positive for COVID-19 plus Hoshi waiting for PCR results following being in contact with

Seventeen’s Wonwoo has been confirmed positive for COVID-19. Hoshi is awaiting the results of PCR.

On February 12, at 12:12 KST, Pledis Entertainment stated:

“Seventeen member Wonwoo was positive for COVID-19.”

They went on to say:

“Wonwoo had a sore throad along with minor fever signs on the 11th of February, KST (Friday) So the self-diagnosis test was performed on his kit, and came back positive. The result was that the patient immediately went through an PCR test and on February 12 at midnight He received his positive results from the COVID-19. Presently, Wonwoo has no symptoms apart from an unresponsive throat and a mild fever. He is receiving treatment at home.”

Pledis Entertainment continued:

“Recently all Seventeen members, with the exception of Hoshi was at home in their homes and weren’t communicating with Wonwoo. On February 11, KST all Seventeen members were tested using an self-diagnosis test kit, and were found to be negative. They are not suffering from any unusual symptoms. Therefore, Wonwoo and Hoshi will not be taking part in online events related to Seventeen’s 9th mini album , ‘Attacca Attacca’ at this time.”

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