Seventeen’s web-based reality series “Going Seventeen” will return in 2022 by revealing an opening title sequence film

Going Seventeen” will return in 2022!

Carats who’ve been waiting for more funny Seventeen content will not have to wait for long since new “Going Seventeen” episodes will be back in February 9 at 9 pm KST! After February 9 New episodes are scheduled to be released every Wednesday.

To announce the returning of  ‘Going Seventeen 2022’s premiere, Seventeen launched a brand new opening title sequence in February 2 enthralling fans. The title sequence includes the “Going Seventeen theme song, sung by Seventeen’s Seventeen members and also photos that highlight some of the most memorable moments from the last season’s ‘Going Seventeen’.

Fans also have praised the ‘Going 17 series in 2021 due to its great programming and outstanding production.

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