Red Velvet’s Wendy has been tagged as a Vocal Queen

Red Velvet‘s Wendy has been in the industry for more than eight years and she has never failed to impress with her amazing singing!

With her now developed a career as a professional singer, Wendy keeps proving she still has plenty to come. Wendy has made her long-awaited debut in April 2021, with a mini-album called “Like Water,” showcasing the range of her voice. One of the B-Side songs from the album, titled “When This Rain stops’ attracted attention from some K-Pop idols for its melancholy tune, and the track’s wacky high notes will make you feel like that you’re in heaven.

Wendy has already given us a variety of spectacular performances where she has shown off her incredible vocals. Her voice is one of the top in the world of K-Pop since she sings beautifully in lower registers and has largest range. She is able to sing the high notes with ease!

It’s possible that you’re not an admirer of Wendy however, for certain you’ll be able to agree that she’s among the most talented singers in the world. In addition to her booming singing voice Wendy isn’t afraid to convey emotion and feel connected to the song she is singing the song.

In her recent year-end stage shows, most notably her Christmas stage collaboration at “SBS Gayo Daejeon’ with Wendy performing on stage Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You and attracting global attention from Korean to global internet users and from that stage to her group’s performance of ‘Queendom’ as well as her solo performance of “When This Rain Ends’ on the same day. We think she found the resonance in her voice.

Highly praised by professionals, critics and other artists many times before, Wendy continues to grow as a performer, and is an established and steady amateur musician, and a top-quality one in particular. If you’ve only recently discovered that Wendy is among the K-Pop singers of the future, perhaps you can tell me that it’s not that long ago however, where are you? It’s been many years since Wendy has shown off her stunning and expressive voice. You should be aware of it already! It might be the perfect time to go through the jaw-dropping and eye-splitting performances of Wendy.

She proves that every performance she gives

Wendy can sing effortlessly and with ease and can even hit insane high notes. She deserves every single real compliment she receives from her first album!

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