PROWDMON’s Monika is greeted by the fans with a captivating Lunar Year message

Professional dancer Monika was also awed by this lunar year and reflected on the last two years.

On February 2nd Monika shared on Instagram some pictures and a video. She explained that they were from just two years earlier. Monika wrote “I look like a completely different person but this was only two years ago. Time seems to go by very fast but also it goes by slow.” She continued, “I am looking forward to this year to see what kind of experiences this year will bring me.”

The video Monika showcased her fluid dance moves, radiating sensual energy which has attracted a lot of attention from dancers around the world and her followers. Dancer Aiki posted, “I can’t stop watching your video. It makes me keep playing infinitely,” as others said, “You look stunning,” “omg, beautiful as always,” and “You’re beautiful no matter what.


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