P1Harmony’s first pre-debut film ‘P1H: The New World Begins’ selected as one of the ‘Five Sci-Fi Movies to Stream Now’ by The New York Times

P1Harmony‘s pre-debut film “P1H It’s A New World Begins” has been selected as one the five sci-fi films that are available for streaming and has been praised by critics.

P1Harmony has attracted a lot of interest prior to their debut, as they have released an epic trailer which explains the P1H universe designed for the group known as K-pop. The film has been deemed as one of the New York Times ‘Five Science-Fiction Films to Stream Right Now.’

New York Times introduced the film and explained the reasons for it;

“Now , the boy group K-pop P1Harmony is the main draw in a science-fiction film that explains how six members acquired powers in a world ravaged by a deadly virus. This is K-pop and the Apocalypse. The song “A New World Begins” (sometimes called “The Beginning of a New World”) is far better than it has to be.”

New York Times elaborated;

“The concept is that drones are creepy creatures that penetrate the flesh of people and erase emotion, with behind only the murderous urges of victims. effectively become murderers on the run, and the results are shockingly horrifying.”

The reporter for the article was able to continue by praising the movie, saying;

“The film begins in a demolished Seoul and the Director, Yoon Hong Seung is able to prove his skill in the thrilling action scenes. The first half-hour is equally produced, if not better than most of the wham-bam scifi that you can stream now.”

Additionally, P1Harmony released their third mini-album, ‘DISHARMONY- FIND OUT’ earlier this month and have been receiving attention for revealing the universe’s expansion by releasing a music video to “Do It Like This,” as well as various promotional materials. In addition, P1Harmony is gaining a huge following of fans across the globe because they have demonstrated their impressive performances in line with the story of the worldview which has been presented since their initial appearance.

A flurry of positive feedback from fans in other countries, P1Harmony was invited to be a part of Rolling Stone magazine’s live music session “Rolling Stone on Twitch which also aired on the show ‘Good Day New York’ to mark their American television debut.

Today, P1Harmony is further expanding its music and will be hosting a worldwide tour called ‘2022 P1Harmony Live Tour [P1usage H PEACE]’, which will kick off with the opening concert in Seoul to continue with performances in eight cities across the United States starting this month through March.

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