P1Harmony Intak’s PCR test resulted as positive for COVID-19

On February 4 the label of P1Harmony, FNC Entertainment notified fans in an Weverse update that its member Intak was positively for COVID-19.

The label that was used the following day:

“In the Lunar New Year holidays, when Intak was at his parents’ at home, a member of his family developed symptoms of an illness called a cold. On February 3 Intak conducted a COVID-19 test using self-testing kits and the test result was positive. After that, he was undergoing the PCR test as soon as he could and, on February 4 the results were positive.

Keeho and Soul who came into Kontakt in the vicinity of Intak On February 1 were subjected to PCR testing as a preventative measure. Both have been tested unconfirmed until the 4th of February.

Since Intak was placed in quarantine right away following his tests Intak was not in contact with any of the other P1Harmony members like Theo, Jiung, or Jongseob before the 29th of January.

Presently, Intak is experiencing minor symptoms of sore throat. Other P1Harmony members, as well as all employees affiliated to them will continue to have regular PCR tests to look for any indications of dormancy.

In the final, and for the protection of all, all P1Harmony’s scheduled events including the fan-sign event, originally set for the 4th of February will be postponed or cancelled until the next notice.”

Be well quickly, Intak!

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