One netizen claimed that Kim Garam, member of LE SSERAFIM, threatened the person who exposed the idol

Kim Garam, LE SSERAFIM, she was accused of being a school bully.

HYBE released the teaser content for the idol a day later. There were many online community posts claiming Kim Garam would bully her friend and her juniors if she didn’t greet them well. Another classmate said that Kim Garam would also smoke and drink.

Source Music issued a statement deniging the bullying allegations. However, this topic is still being discussed on numerous social media platforms and online communities.

On April 6, a netizen reported that Kim Garam’s bully buddies threatened the person who exposed the idol. The netizen claims that Kim Garam’s bully buddies have been calling the victim, and then revealing their real identities on the internet.

One netizen shared the message captures of bullies with us and explained:

“I will report the bully girls who attack and ridicule the victims. They reveal the victim’s true name, not that of the perpetrator. Although the victim has much to share, they keep quiet out of fear of hurting their friends and family. Kim Garam’s friends call the victim to ask why she is being exposed. Please, help.”



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