One anonymous comment on a social network has become a hugely popular viral post because of the adulation of the new Netflix-exclusive K-zombie horror series “All of Us are Dead’

In January, before the worldwide premiere of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ this internet user wrote:

“A time ago, I was drinking in the late hours of the night and was returning to my home. I turned around and there was a flurry of zombies sitting in the alleyway.

My legs completely stopped moving and I was thinking, “I’m so f***ed But then I saw eyes with one zombie. One of them looked a bit sheepish and stated they were in the making a film and told me to stroll on by, kekekekekekeke.

The truth is, it was the filming of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ at breaktime… I was about to break to tears…

It was an incredibly shocking moments of my life.

It was a little over a year ago, and I noticed that Netflix released teasers for “All of Us are Dead’ earlier and I was reminded of the show again.

Kekekekeke I’ll check it out and check if the alleyway that leads to my house pops into the show as one background.”

After the initial post became viral, the user returned to the community to discuss other‘ reactions and queries.

“It’s hilarious that my article was viewed by millions kekekekeke.

Who is I to become a viral sensation by promoting Netflix Kekekekeke. I’m just a hapless, jobless individual sitting at home, and I’m awed.

Many people responded affirming that they could have peed at the time or been screaming and fainting, and I’m certain I would have reacted even more strongly if the zombies had been still standing or moving towards me.

However, at that moment they were all seated on the wall and they had sharp eyes. They were not even remotely attracted to me. some of them were lying on the ground, lying down.

Additionally, I was so frightened to the point of a tizzy that I didn’t make an appropriate sound or screaming sound, instead I was more of the ‘Ah …’.”

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