Netizens think LE SSERAFIM is better with five members

LE SSERAFIM returned to promotions as a group of five members following Kim Garam was temporarily removed from the group due to the school’s bullying controversy.

The new girl group was the subject of attention from the moment it made it was launched, but gained more attention when the allegations against Kim Garam as a bully at school was made public. In spite of Source Music denying the allegations, scores of internet users and potential victims took to the internet and posted photos that showed evidence of the bullying accusations.

With the group’s image continuing decline, Source Music decided to temporarily dismiss Kim Garam, claiming that the singer is taking some time off because of the mental stress of the allegations.

Thus, LE SSERAFIM resumed its promotion with only five members. They also began performing on various music shows once more.

Korean internet users are now saying their support of the group with five members and appear attractive.

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