Netizens believe NCT’s Haechan and Itzy’s Ryujin are dating as a result of witnessing their ‘Bubble’ messages

Netizens are believing NCT‘s Haechan and Itzy‘s Ryujin are dating as a result of witnessing the messages of theirs on ‘Dear. U Bubble’.

On January 29th, an article on a favorite web community received interest after publishing ‘Dear. U Bubble’ messages from Ryujin and Haechan. As displayed in the screenshot under, Ryujin and Haechan are observed utilizing similar term of their emails to supporters on the website. Both elongated the term’ sweet’ in the phrase’ sweet dreams’ (*translated with an equivalent English term coming from Korean.)

Netizens are speculating the relationship of theirs because this was not the very first time Ryujin and Haechan had been found utilizing similar word on’ Bubble’. They’re claiming the overlapping words are extremely’ unusual’ being totally coincidental. Earlier, Ryujin and Haechan utilized the term’ egg flower’ to summarize cooking eggs in ramen noodles.

The most notable comments of the article are:

“If they’re not dating they need to after all this lol How they elongated the term is not common.”

“I do not believe it is sensible using the very same word by a clean coincidence lol They would like individuals to notice.”

“Just permit them to date lmao It is weirder to believe they are not dating at this particular point.”

“There definitely are loads of other posts on Naver in case you research that word. Can they be dating too? smh”

“It’s doable to get text from your partner without the need of you knowing. I believe this’s their case.”

“Also with’ egg flower’ haha It’s way too unusual to consider it as just coincidental.”

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