Netizens are applauding the efforts of ATEEZ’s San for his courteous messages to fans asking them not to follow them to their dorms or hotel

Internet users reported they were pleased that ATEEZ member San was polite in handling his recent series of messages through the Universe app and asked followers to not follow those members back to their dorms or hotel following their schedules.

San wrote:

“There have been a lot of shows and schedules recently and, when returning to our dorms or hotel after these schedules There are others in the street, waiting to be seen or who are following us until we reach our destination, and this may cause discomfort!

That’s what I’m going to share with you today is!

I am sure of how much you love us.

I also really love you.


Please avoid causing any discomfort to others. Thank you for your cooperation.

Today, I’m addressing this issue as there might be a few of you completely unaware.

However, please don’t take this in a negative way!

I would be able to understand if you were unaware that it could be a burden on others.

From this point on, I’d like to see you not do so. I sense your love towards me, regardless!

This can create discomfort for not only those who are ATEEZ users, but for everyone in the vicinity.


I cherish and love my ATINY above all else else, and I’m not a fan of misunderstandings between us.

I’m afraid other people might view our ATINY in the negative way.

You are one of the most valuable people in my life and nobody can speak negatively about you.

Consider what I’m asking you to do.

I don’t want to conclude my messages with “I don’t like it! ‘.

I’d like to thank you for this.”


While we wait, ATEEZ most recently released their Universe Music collaboration single “Don’t Stop” on January 31st.

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