NCT Dream released “Glitch Mode” Music Video

NCT Dream is back with an album that is brand new!

On March 28, KST On March 28, the NCT unit released their second album of full-length “Glitch Mode” with the album’s first single and B-sides track “Fire Alarm,” “Arcade,” “It’s Yours,” “Teddy Bear,” “Replay,” “Saturday Drip,” “Better Than Gold,” “Drive,” “Never Goodbye,” and “Rewind.”

The title track “Glitch Mode” is a hip-hop track that features distinctive lyrics and a hypnotic song with a chant-based chorus. The lyrics playfully contrast the slowing down of the person you’re in love with to being a computer that is buffering. In keeping with the lyrics of the tune, the choreography incorporates a buffering technique, which adds an additional aspect to the video’s theme.

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