Na-Eun officially quits A Pink

Na-Eun has officially quit A Pink.

In the report The Fact, Na-Eun is leaving A Pink ahead of the A Pink’s 11th anniversary. According to an insider, she’s in a position of being unable to keep her idol in check while also acting, stating:

“Na-Eun has decided that she will stop participating in the A Pink’s activities due to her other commitments simultaneously.”

According to reports, Na-Eun may be finishing her promotional work in conjunction with A Pink after discussing it with IST Entertainment, YG Entertainment as well as the members of the group All parties support Na-Eun’s plans. IST Entertainment has also confirmed:

“After a discussion with the two companies as well as A Pink members, Na-Eun has decided to stop her A Pink group activities.”

Na-Eun’s departure news is coming after speculation by fans that she was likely to leave the group earlier in the year.

In related information, A Pink are set to release their 11th anniversary track the 19th of April however, it’s unclear whether Na-Eun will participate in the song’s release.

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