Moon Junyoung informs fans of ZE:A : “Please unsubscribe, unfollow and stop coming here. I’m not who you believe I am.”

Former ZE:A member Moon Junyoung, who recently became embroiled in a rejected sponsorship”controversy with an online BJ, has issued a statement dedicated to fans still supporting members of ZE:A.

In the past, a well-known on-line, BJ Haru, revealed a K-Pop male idol who tried to lure her. The BJ stated that after she rejected his offers and demanded she pay him back for the “Star Balloons'” which he’d given her. The BJ later added that she reimbursed him the sum in the amount of 1.7 million KRW (approximately $1,400 USD) after being offended by his stance towards her.

Initially, Moon Junyoung denied the BJ’s assertions as well as threatened to take legal action.

In the early hours of March 29 Moon Junyoung posted the following on the YouTube channel of Moon Junyoung:


“If you are threatening me right now, hang on for a second.

Do not leave comments on this page. This message is solely for Z:A’s (ZE:A’s official fan club’s name).

Please unsubscribe to ZE:A’s and unfollow me.

Don’t view my videos and please don’t return to this site.


The ones who were a believer in me, and believed in me as someone you were a few years ago take a step back and go on. I am sure that you have were hurt by me.

Now, let it go and follow your own way.

I beg you to understand.. I’m not the person you think I am. You can leave and don’t be a pity on me.

If you’re thinking about me, then don’t be concerned about anything having something to do with me. don’t look me up and don’t search me out even once. I’d be very grateful to you if you could do this.

Last but not least, I will remove or edit my old content that contains the name Z:A.

To all the group’s members who are working to their fullest in their respective jobs and are sleeping a lot even today I’m sorry.

I’d like to use this chance to bow in apology to all the members of ZE:A and to all ZE.A’s for smears on the group’s name.”

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