Mexico’s ambassador to Korea tweets and also reflects his appreciation for BTS – Jungkook’s impact which led Chipotle to change its title to Chicotle

The significant global influence and impact was again on entire display because a single word coming from him made the world-recognized American franchise Chipotle rebrand to “Chicotle” on Twitter. “BTS:” Jungkook’s changed title occurred right after he became viral on social networking for pronouncing “Chipotle” incorrectly as “Chicotle.”

Bruno Figueroa, Mexico‘s ambassador to the Republic of Korea, posted on Twitter his appreciation for Jungkook‘s impact that brought about the trend.

The supporters as well as the press around the globe were impressed by Jungkook’s significant impact, as well as today even political figures have taken notice.

Jungkook really went viral on social networking as well as put social networking unstoppable, making a media squall when video footage of him mispronouncing Chipotle on the Bangtan bomb went viral.

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