Many fans are shipping Jung Hae In as well as BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

When two celebs display exceptional and flawless chemistry on the screen, fans often want to believe that the relationships they see on television was real. The phenomenon where people wish that two celebrities could meet is known as “Shipping” and there have been a lot of “Shippers” out there in different fandoms.

Recently, these’shipping fans have been expressing their wishes that Jung Hae In as well as BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo could get married since they both loved their chemistry on the drama “Snowdrop”. Despite the many controversies that surround the show The two main stars have received a lot of admiration and love from fans from all over the globe.

Many have fallen in love the close bond and chemistry that is shown throughout the show. Fans were also thrilled when they were able to see the two actors posting various promotional posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Fans from all across the globe and even South Korea, are talking on various forums online, commenting about how great Jisoo and Jung Hae In appear together, and some are saying they’d continue to love the two actors, even the possibility of them dating actually.

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