MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul and dancer Aiki describe the choreography for “LUNATIC” in collaboration with Dingo Global

MAMAMOO‘s Moon Byul and dancer Aiki discuss the choreography of “LUNATIC” along with Dingo Global

Mamamoo’s Moon Byul and dancer Aiki explained what the process was like when they choreographed Moon Byul’s “LUNATIC” on Dingo Global’s ‘MOVE.REC.’

On February 2nd, MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul along with dancer Aiki appeared in Dingo Global’s YouTube channel for the show “MOVEREC.’ The series ‘MOVEREC’ offers videos that focus on the performance, which is to match the artist’s songs, their individuality and the concept. Particularlythe series the series ‘MOVEREC.’ will start to include the artists speaking about their choreography, generating enthusiasm among music lovers across the world.

In the most recent “MOVEREC.’ film, Moon Byul and Aiki explained how they came up with the choreography for her track title “LUNATIC”, from her 3rd mini-album ‘6equence’..

Moon Byul stated;

“”LUNATIC” is a funny song that depicts how relationships begin to get boring when people lean towards one of the sides of a percentage they shouldn’t.”

Concerning choreography for “LUNATIC” Aiki said;

“In my choreography, I wanted to express the dramatic experience of the relationship starting off great, only to turn into a disaster.”

Aiki also shared some stories that go behind the current popular “LUNATIC” dance challenge on social media.

Moon Byul then thanked Aiki and said

“The album contains songs that made me be born again, which means I became even more enthusiastic. A lot of people praised my work and were looking forward to it, which is why I think I’ll produce more assured music in the future.”

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