Kim Garam is getting ready to start working with LE SSERAFIM on their promotions in Japan

It has been almost 2 months since the scandal surrounding the bullying that LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Garam experienced at school.

There were rumors circulating in April of this year suggesting that Kim Garam had a history of being a school bully prior to the group’s debut. Since the claims, there have been several things and uncountable images that reveal that Kim Garam was a perpetrator of school bullying. She was even summoned to the Autonomous Committee for Countermeasures against School Violence as a result of the bullying charges.

As further charges and proof came to light, many internet users became even more enraged when HYBE continued to reject the allegations and maintain Kim Garam in the group despite the mounting evidence. Despite the fact that a significant number of internet users demanded that the singer be kicked out of the band, the decision was made by Source Music to place Kim Garam on an indefinite sabbatical.

Then, on June 21st, Source Music made the announcement that Kim Garam would be participating in a music program and would continue to promote with the group in Japan.

In point of fact, Kim Garam was featured in a picture for a Japanese magazine not too long ago, which enraged a significant number of Korean internet users. Even though the images were shot before the sabbatical, they argued that the agency should not have featured the idol in the pictorial since it was inappropriate.

Now that it has been announced that Kim Garam will be making a return to Japan, the fury is becoming worse as many internet users are alleging that HYBE and Source Music are planning for Kim Garam to make a return to Korea too. This is making the situation even more frustrating for fans.

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