JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group NMIXX is a surprise guest on the live YouTube broadcast

NMIXX raised the bar when they announced their participation on well-known show called ‘WeeklyIdol‘.

YouTube’s channel All THE K-POP started a abrupt live stream on February 7 and uploaded the video on YouTube titled:

Weekly Idol sudden live with NMIXX.

In the video that was shot on the day of the event, NMIXX radiated bright energy by greeting the camera with great energy and enthusiasm. They also captured the viewers’ attention. They also took the opportunity to say hello with a MBTI and to share it to their followers and fans.

The member from BAE was the first to explain:

“I’m responsible for vocals and dance for the group, and my MBTI has been classified as ENFP. This is why I love being around people and am extremely enthusiastic.”

The next was Jiwoo who she met and greeted Jiwoo, and she said:

“Hello, my name is Jiwoo. I’m responsible for singing, rap, and dance. My MBTI can be described as ESFP. This means that I’m often told about how bright I am. I cherish you.”

Haewon was next and said:

“I’m Haewon who is the founder of NMIXX and the one in charge of the vocals. I think I’m entitled to be able to share my MBTI also, which is why it’s an ESTP.”

Haewon was more calm than other members, who oozed plenty of energy.

Jinni also stated that she also had exactly the same MBTI that she did as BAE and stated:

“I’m Jinnie who is who is in charge of singing dancing, rap, and vocals. My MBTI is exactly the same ENFP as BAE.”

Kyujin told Kyujin:

“I’m Kyujin who is the leader of rap, vocals dance, and Maknae. I’m a cute, sneaky cat.”

She also showed off her charisma as the tiniest participant in the group. She also created a cat-like pose.

Lily shared:

“I’m Lily I am Lily, the one who handles vocals , and also the oldest sister. Surprise. You were pleasantly surprised was it not? I am MBTI can be described as an ENFP. I am bright and full of energy.”

Then Sullyoon revealed:

“I am baby deer. baby rabbit Sullyoon, who is in charge of dance and vocal in NMIXX. In my MBTI is the single and only ISFP on the team.”

When MC Eunhyuk urged the group to provide an esoteric description of the choreography in the brand new song that had been unveiled, NMIXX demonstrated some of the dance routine. Finally, MC Kwanghee and Eunhyuk invited the group to participate:

“This is the end of our story. closing by sending our hearts and smiles to the followers.”

Many viewers and viewers were captivated by NMIXX’s members NMIXX including in the brief video and increased the excitement of the brand new ‘Weekly Dol episode that features the brand NMIXX, a new girl group.


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